About the Agency

Twins Talent Agency is recognized as Toronto’s top principal agency for twins and triplets of all ages.

Twins Talent Agency is also recognized as one of Toronto’s top background agencies.  Although Twins Talent is known to be the “go to agent” for kids, teens and young adults, we have expanded our roster to include background of all ages.   We represent  Union and Non Union members.  We are a member of EIC (Entertainment Industry Coalition) Code of Ethics.

Twins Talent Agency has been in business since 1996 and began as an agency, which specialized in twins and triplets. 

As a parent of 23 year old identical twins who have been in the business since infants, I understand the specific requirements of multiples.  I work daily with casting directors when multiples are needed to ensure their needs are met.


The agency expanded quickly and grew from not only an agency for twins, but as a reputable background agency for all ages. You do not need to be a twin to be represented by Twins Talent Agency. 

Although we are anticipating a very busy season, I cannot guarantee work, however a high percentage of my union and non union performers are securing work.

Over the years, Twins Talent Agency has built up an outstanding reputation within the industry working with the top casting directors in Toronto, placing background on your favorite feature films, MOW’s  and Television Series such as Pixels, Degrassi, Nikita, Flashpoint, Life with Boys, Robocop, Carrie, Suits, The Firm, Bomb Girls, LA Complex, The Hulk, Scott Pilgrim, Covert Affairs, Cinderella Man, The Listener and many more. 



- Cindy Weedon