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Background Performer Guide


• Be clear on call times, locations and wardrobe.


• When accepting a booking, always clear the entire day. Your call time can be very early in morning --   its not a 9:00 - 5:00 business!!!


• Report to set 10 minutes before call time--don’t be late


• Your behavior on set with all crew members and other background performers does affect future work.


• Always remain courteous and attentive.


• Although you may encounter some long hours, do not sleep while you are on set. You are being paid to work. Bring along a good book and activities to keep the children entertained.


• Report to ‘extras holdings’ (follow signs) and sign in with AD (Assistant Director) or set co-ordinator. • They will provide you with the necessary paperwork to complete.


• Remember your word is your Bond. If you accept a booking, you’re committed to that production for the duration of the production day. Don’t cancel! Unprofessional conduct can result in disciplinary action


• Don’t bring valuables to set


• Be organized -- have your wardrobe ready to show to the wardrobe assistants


• Respect others and the set


• Be aware of equipment and what the camera is doing

Documents that are Required to be Brought to Set:

Background Performers are required to bring the following documents with them to set which must be handed in upon signing in:


   1. Hard copy of the Ontario Health and Safety Certificate (accessible here);

   2. Proof of Ontario residency (e.g. Ontario driver's licence, utility bill, tax assessment);


Pursuant to the 2016 IPA (A609), all Background Performers must provide both the Ontario Health and Safety Certificate and Proof of Ontario Residency on the first day of engagement prior to commencing work. 


Should the performer fail to bring both of the above documents, he or she may be cancelled and replaced immediately. 


Know your rights - Carry a copy of the IPA for reference.

A Background Performer means any Performer other than a Principal Actor or an Actor, who is: (C201)


   1. Not required to give individual characterization;

   2. Not required to speak or sing any word or line of dialogue;
   3. Not required to perform as a Special Skill Background Performer

      (Refer to C201d for SSE definition)

General Working Conditions
According to the IPA, the following conditions must be provided:

 • A supply of pure drinking water;
 • A suitable seat for each Performer;
 • A “smoke free” working environment
 • Clean and accessible washrooms
 • Separate change rooms for men and women
 • Safekeeping for your clothes and valuables


Minimum Call
• The minimum call for BG Performers, Special Skill Background Performers, Photo Doubles and Stand-Ins is 8 hours. There may be 1 unpaid meal break during the 8 hour call. Work in excess of 8 hours shall be payable at the appropriate overtime rate.


• When a Background Performer is required to provide more than one change (in addition to the clothes the individual is wearing), the background performer shall be compensated at the rate of $5 per change in excess of 1;


• Formal or specialty wardrobe (i.e. tuxedo, formal gowns) shall be compensated at the rate of $35.00 per week.


• If a background performer is required to provide an automobile or specialized equipment (i.e. bike, skateboard or animal) for the use on camera by the Production, the Background Performer shall receive additional compensation of $35.00

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Tips for Professional Performers:

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