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How to Get Started

The Twins Talent Agency is selectively expanding their roster.

If you are interested in registering with the Agency, please visit our Registration webpage.  

Although we are expecting a busy season , Twins Talent Agency cannot guarantee how often you will work.  Frequency depends on many factors like:


​   Your availability and flexibility. 

​  -  Do you have a cell phone?  Do you receive text messages? 

​   Do you check your emails often? 

​  -  Have you provided the agency with current pictures and measurements? 

​  -  Do you have a unique skill? 

​  -  Are you an ACTRA Member?


To gain more insight into the industry, we would highly recommend that you browse the ACTRA website @



Background rates for ACTRA members are:  $26.50 per hour, or a daily (8 Hour) rate of $209.75.  The non-union rate is:  $14.00 / hour.


If you rely on public transit, you should obtain a transit map from the TTC or Go Transit.  Always know which bus routes are 24 hour lines.   Get to know the routes in your area, so that you can be prepared to go anywhere in the City at any time of the day or night.   


Call times can be very early in the morning, or you could film late into the evening.  


The best way to reach the Agency is via email. 


If you accept a booking, you need to be available for the entire day, as we never know your call time, or how long you will be on set.    Click here to view TTC Information.   TTC Phone #:  (416) 393-4636.

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