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Infants & Minors

The term MINOR shall refer to Performers under the age of 18 years.


For Minors under 12 years of age, overtime is forbidden.


For Minors aged 12 – 15, a maximum of 2 hours per day of overtime may be permitted, provided that in the event that a Minor is required to work a cumulative maximum of 4 hours of overtime 3 consecutive days, the Minor shall not be required to work any overtime on the immediately following day.


Children under the age of 16 must be chaperoned by a parent or Chaperon who is 21 years of age.  If the chaperon is not the parent, the minor must bring to set the appropriate paperwork which can be found on the ACTRA website.


Night Shoots – The Performer must receive prior notice of scheduled night work.

Trust Account
After a Minor’s total lifetime remuneration reaches $5,000.00, 25% of the Minor’s gross remuneration shall be deducted from the total payment due to the Minor by the Producer and remitted to ACTRA and held in trust for said Minor.

When a Producer engaged a Minor, the education of such a Performer will not be jeopardized.


Where a Minor is engaged in a Production, such that the Minor is required to miss at least 2 days of regular school in a given school week, or at least 5 days of regular school in a school year over the course of a Production of Series, the Producer agrees to employ a Tutor to provide educational instruction to the Minor from the 1st day of such engagement.


During the course of a Minor’s work day, the Minor is entitled to Tutoring a minimum of 2 hours per Production workday, in blocks of no less than 30 minute Tutoring sessions at a time.

An Infant means a person who is less than 2 years old and more than 15 days old.
A person who is less than 15 days shall not be permitted to be engaged.


The Producer will provide a separate, sanitary room for the care and rest of Infants employed.


Note:  If infant/toddler Twins are booked – there MUST be TWO caregivers.  (Parent and a 2nd caregiver).


Please visit for more information about infants in the industry.

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