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Avoiding Scams

Toronto is one of the world’s busiest film and television centers. Working in this industry can provide a rewarding career. If can also cost you a lot of money if you are not careful!

While most talent agents operate within standard industry norms and are ethical – some are not. They prey on the fact that people don’t know what standard industry practices are.


The Entertainment Industry Coalition was formed in 1996 to address the problem.


Representatives of talent agencies, performers’ organizations and other concerned parties in the entertainment industry got together and drafted a Code of Ethical Conduct for talent and background agents.


The Twins Talent Agency is a member of the EIC and practices under these guidelines.


If you are interested in working in films or television, have you:
• Found an agent through an ad in a newspaper i.e. Toronto Sun
• Been told that your baby needs professional photos to support his/her career?
• Been approached on the street, in a mall or solicited by telephone?
• Been told that a job is guaranteed as soon as you sign up with an agent?
• Paid large amounts of money to an agent to represent you or paid just to get an audition?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, chances are that you are NOT dealing with a legitimate talent or background agent.

​How the Real Industry Works:
• Agents do not advertise (The Twins Talent Agency does have permission to advertise in POMBA newsletters)
• Agents do not provide photographic services or give classes!
• Children and extras do not need professional-quality photos!
• An agent cannot guarantee work!
• Agents are NOT casting directors. Agents earn commissions when their clients work.


​​PLEASE REFER TO as an excellent source of information.


Agencies listed on the “No Cheque List” published by ACTRA, are not reputable agencies. Please browse ACTRA's "Choosing an Agent" webpage for more information.    


Refer to: for more information.

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